Question #3:

For somebody who missed Maghrib prayer, is it allowed for him to join Ishai prayer and pray with the intention of Maghrib and then terminate and do Teslim at the end of third rakaah?


All praises are due to Allah, the All-Knowing, The Wise.

May His peace and blessings be upon our teacher and messenger, Muhammad (SAW), his household, companions, and all believers till the last day.

Firstly I would like to call your attention to the act of missing prayer at the right; it is a great sin which one must repent from.

Secondly, praying Solatul Maghrib behind an Imam observing ‘Ishai prayer is permissible. Because difference in their intentions does not affect the solat in any way, based on the more correct opinion of scholars.

However, you are to wait for the Imam, when you are on the third rak’ah, to perform the fourth rak’ah and make his taleem, and do yours after his tasleem. The Imam have been appointed to be followed.

Allah knows best.

Imam Sherifdeen Ibraheem
Na’ibul Amir, Cultural Affair (NACA)
TMC National Headquarters