The just concluded 23rd Islamic training program of The Muslim Congress South West 1 zone held at Vanguards Academy, along Ijebu-Ode Epe, Expressway provided a veritable forum for the Speaker, The Grand Mufti of CIO Sheikh Dhikrullah Shafii to proffer Islamic solution to the Economic recession the nation is grappling with.

Speaking during the special Fiqh session, he dismissed the mythical thinking that Islam is synonymous with poverty hence contributes to the Economic welfare of the citizenry. Islam he said has solution to all the problems facing the world not excluding the recession facing the country at the moment.

Islam clarified the essence of having the right set of people with sane mind and without corruption tendencies in the management of nation’s economy.

The scholar reiterated the importance of properly harnessing the vast resources Allah has bestowed on the nation to generate wealth for the nation especially all resources buried beneath the earth such as crude oil, coal, bitumen, tin, iron e.t.c.

The Government’s agricultural policy of self reliance was lauded by the cleric but he frowned at the fact that interest will be paid by the intending applicants for the agricultural loan which will make it non appealing to the conscious muslim populace as Islam does not support interest based loans.

He stated that the wealth of the nation belongs to the people while the people in government are mere trustees.

In proffering Islamic solution to the economic problem he emphasized the need of accurate census to enable Government plan properly for the citizenry as that was the first action the noble Prophet embarked on when he got to Madinah. He frowned at the fact that actual population figure of the country cannot be stated as this is a clog in wheels of the nation’s growth.

H e recalled during the Caliphate of Umar, there was a drought which lasted for several months, the leader denied himself luxuries of his office and made sure he coordinated the distribution of relief materials to the people. He suspended the punishment (amputation of hand) meted out to those who steal during that period.

Umar ensured a price control mechanism in place to alleviate the sufferings of the people and to extinguish the exploitation tendencies of the market force.

This selflessness of Umar is what the speaker wants the leadership of Nigeria to exhibit rather than be extravagant and flaunting there ill gotten wealth in the face of the hungry masses.

He urge the authorities to bring the Islamic economic think tanks together to brainstorm on the way out of the recession as the King of Egypt did during the time of Prophet Yusuf  (AS) in solving the economic difficulties at that time, on this evidence, he stated that muslims can also take in proffering solutions to government.


AbdurRasheed Ajao

ICT Officer, Alimosho

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