Hajj Mabrur Ventures

In realization of the importance of Hajj, the last pillar of faith in Islam, The Muslim Congress set out to ease the performance of Hajj and Umrah for Muslims and to remove current encumbrances that face Muslims who are on Hajj or Umrah. Along this line, Hajj Mabrur Ventures was commenced. The venture has as its sole objective as ‘Hajj / Umrah Made Easy.’ In carrying out its responsibility, seasoned scholars were called together with a view to provide a comprehensive guidance for pilgrims during Hajj and Umrah. Since Hajj Mabrur commenced operations, it has received the good will of many Muslims, especially those who have tasted its services or had the opportunity of listening to the beneficiaries of our services. Both at home and Saudi Arabia, HMV is respected for disciplined officials, observation of all Hajj rites according to the Sunnah and care and concern for the welfare of pilgrims under the company.

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