24th Sofar,1443 AH

(1st Of October,2021 CE)




All praises belong to Allah, we praise Him, we seek his assistance, his guidance and forgiveness. We seek refuge with Him from the evils of our soul and the evils of our bad conduct. Whoever Allah has guided is the one that is indeed guided and nobody can lead such astray. And whoever is led astray, then for such, there is no helper/protector that can guide him. I testify that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah alone. He has no partner or associate. I testify also that Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) is His slave and Messenger. May the Peace and Blessings of Allah be on him, his household and all his companions and those that follow them in goodness till the Day of Judgement.

Thereafter…Oh servants of Allah, I enjoin you and myself with the fear of Allah, the Most Exalted and Majestic. It is the greatest goal of all, and it purifies good deeds and acts of worship: “Oh believers! Be mindful of Allah, and say what is right.He will [then] amend for you your deeds and forgive you your sins. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has certainly attained a great attainment.” (Al-Ahzaab: 70-71).

Servants of Allah! Security in the land is one of the greatest blessings of Allah on man, “Who has fed them, [saving them] from hunger and made them safe, [saving them] from fear” (Quraish: 4]. And the greatness of the blessing of security is such that the prophets and messengers prayed for it, and it is desired and sought by the righteous slaves of Allah. It is as such that the Prophet of Allah Ibraheem – peace be upon him – prayed to Allah for security, saying: “My Lord, make this a secure city and provide its people with fruits” (Al-Baqarah: 126).

Security is a great blessing from Allah, the Mighty and Majestic, to His servants. It is an imperative necessity for the society. It is by it that the people achieve peace of mind and the cllective good is shared by all. Islaam accords it a great priority. It is the most important major means of achieving political , social and economic stability in all countries. And with the lack of security, imbalance occurs; and its negative effects are felt on politics and the economy and social cohesion, and it affects matter of the religion as well as worldly matter. It is thus obligatory to cooperate in order to establish security and stability in accordance with the Words of Allah Ta’alah: “Cooperate and help one aother on righteousness and piety and do not cooperate in sin and transgression”. (Maaidah: 2). It is in folowing this that the topic of our conversation in this sermon is: Security: A collective responsibility.

Servants of Allah! In the shade os security, people feel safe with their religion, with their lives, their property and their honor. The go about day and night, not fearing anything except Allah.. and man in this world does not rest except with security and safety from evils and sorrows. The Messenger of Allah (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) pointed out that the world is gathered for a servant in three things. He (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Whoever among you wakes up secure in his property, healthy in his body, and he has his food for the day, it is as if he were given the entire world.”

The need for security comes before the need for food. Without security, food is not palatable, there is no comfort, no good sleep and no rest. It was said to a wise man: Where do you find pleasure? He said: In the matter of security, I have found that a perosn that is fearful has no life.

Security is the responsibility of every citizen of the country: He watches out for it, he protects it, and avoids everything that might cause chaos and incite fear. People are from each other, and for each other, regardless of the differences of tongues, colors, clans and tribes, and in all people there are good ones and there are evil ones. We must cooperate, work together, forgive and tolerate one another. So, yearn for peaceful coexistence, for in it is a guarantee of all good; and parting ways and abandoning fanaticism and ethnicity, as these are aid to Shaytan and the agents of corruption. All of these is what is indicated by the verse: “O mankind! We have created you male and female and made you into nations and tribes so you may know one another” (Hujuraat: 13), and He, Ta’alah says: “Cooperate in righteousness and piety and do not cooperate in sin and transgression” (Maaidah: 2)

Security is the responsibility of every Muslim: Servants of Allah! Each of us – Muslims – by the obligation of his submission to Allah in Islaam is responsible for fulfilling his duty towards achieving the security of the country. A Muslim – as the Prophet of Islam and the Messenger of Peace (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) said – is the one from whose tongue and hand people are safe, and his habit always is to spread and propagate peace among all people. We must all be the sources of goodness and the keys to peace, spreading peace in word and in action, praying for it privately and publicly, and cooperating on it with lovers of peace and against its enemies. And we prevent whatever goes against it. We do not share with people anything that could threaten security and we do not support the anarchists even if they are our relatives and our tribes, and above all that, we take recourse to Allah, our Lord with sincere supplication that peace and security prevail in the country and to extend to all the corners of the country, goodness and peace. And that such prayers be at times and in places recommended for answering of prayer by Allah. What more are we in need of than prayer – we muslims -at a time when few people pray for country, and in fact many are cursing it.

Security is the responsibility of every family: Servants of Allah! The failure of every home in raising children properly has a negative impact on society. That is because the majority of the mongers of fear and sedition are some of these young people who have lost parental guidance and family example, “And the good land – its vegetation emerges by permission of its Lord; but that which is bad – nothing emerges except sparsely, with difficulty. Thus do We diversify the signs for a people who are grateful.” (Al-A’araaf: 58).

Servants of Allah! We must pay utmost attention to this area, and to bring up our children on the fear of Allah Almighty, believing in meeting Him, may He be Glorified, on the doctrine and understanding of accountability and recompense after death, on the love of peace, compassion, spirit of forgiveness and tolerance, contentment and patience, and other good manners and beautiful virtues.

Security is the responsibility of the scholars: Servants of Allah! The scholars and the clergy are also responsible for the security of this country. They are the ones who directs the hearts of people with the light of knowledge and the divine guidance, so if they do well in carrying out this duty, they teach people goodness and carry them along on faith and fear of Allah, and the love of goodness and peace. They do this with good guidance and good preaching, and they do not disguise this duty with a worldly motive, and they should not be agents of politicians for self-interest. This is the pledge that was taken from knowledeable peopel in the verse: “And when Allah took the covenant of those who were given the Scripture to make it known to people and not hide it, yet they cast it behind their backs and traded it for a fleeting gain. What a miserable profit!” (Aal-Imraan: 187).

Security is the responsibility of the media: Servants of Allah! The media, in all its forms: print, visual and audio types, can fan the fire of sedition and quech it with its bad behavior or by its goodness. If most of its proprietors and practitioners are traitors, or the media sides with partisan politics and cooperates with corrupt people, or its men are motivated by a spirit of sectionalism and bigotry, it becomes a tool for individual interests at the expense of common interests. Men of the media should be interested in what benefits the country and inspire people with hope by spreading what is good, just as they broadcast what is bad, if not more. And that they be fair in what they transmit and describe, and not exaggerate accidents or fabricate. Allah has ordered the believers to establish the veracity of information, when Allah Ta’alah says: “Oh you who have believed, if there comes to you a disobedient one with information, investigate, lest you harm a people out of ignorance and become, over what you have done, regretful.” (Hujuraat: 5). The most important thing in the media is verification. It is the required mandate imposed by the nature of this profession.


All praises are due to Allah for His kindness, and praise be to Him for the greatness of His grace and favour. I bear witness that there is no god but Allah alone, He has no partner, in honour of His nature, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger, and the chosen. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, his family and companions, and those who follow them in righteousness until the Day of recompense.

As to what follows,

Fear Allah, Oh servants of Allah – with the right of piety, and hold fast to Islam with the most trustworthy handhold.

Servants of Allah! Today we are living in the remembrance of the sixty-one anniversary of the independence of our beloved country from colonialism. On that day the country gained its freedom, and obtained sovereignty and the power to control itself by itself. This, of course, is what people sacrificed for its sake, rejoicing at its arrival and congratulating each other for its attainment, while hearts are filled with happiness at its remembrance. Why won’t we commemorate this memory with warmth and pleasure: The memory of a day when we became free after we were slaves.

We are now independent, not exploited. Are we not living under the joy of independence, if our brothers in Palestine were granted half of such, they would be happy and be at rest. But man is overwhelmed with grief over what he has missed, more than he is thankful for what he has been given.

Dear Servants of Allah, this season – as we remember our independence – is an invitation to all to consider: What have we achieved since independence? What did we gain from it? What has changed in our political, economic, social, and religious conditions, positively or negatively? And why? What did other countries achieve after their independence and did not achieve? It is also a season to study the reality of this independence. Are we really independent in the true sense of the word? Or did the country become independent but the people are not? Or was the constitution independent, but not politics? Or did the country get independence but its leaders did not?

After studying these issues, we must derive some indisputable facts: that we made progress in some things and lagged behind in others. We achieved some glories and corrupted some others. The question is: Have we corrupted more than we reformed, or vice versa? So let every president and every official in private and public positions, including every citizen, consider the task regarding his affairs and people’s affairs, and ask himself: “Does he reform more than he has corrupts or vice versa? Let each of us ask himself before he asks another or his superior. Each of us is in a loophole where the homeland is not brought by us. So let us hope with action to fix what we have corrupted and preserve what we have achieved so that our day is better than yesterday and tomorrow is better than today, by Allah’s Will.

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