Tahreek: Abu Darda and his wife

أبو درداء وزوجته  –رضي الله عنهما– إسلامهما وصحبتهما

Topic:  Abu Dar’da and his wife: Their Islam and companionship with the prophet.

Abu Dar’da – أبو الدرداء

Fact box

Name: Uwaimir bn Maalik

عويمر بن مالك

Tribe: Al-Khazraj tribe in Madinah


Famous name: Abu Dar’da

أبو درداء

Before Islam

Before he became Muslim he had an idol that he made by himself and placed it in the best place in his home, he will regularly adorn it with perfume and wore an expensive silk cloth on it. When he wakes in the morning he will go to this idol he worships, besides Allah, before going to work. But he had a friend, Abdullah ibn Rawaha, who accepted Islam and fought against the idolaters in the battle of Badr.

When the army of Muslims was returning to Madinah with victory, Abu Dar’da noticed the crowd and approached them, he called one man from among them and asked him about his friend Abdullah ibn Rawahah, the man informed him that he suffered from the battle but he returned alive with booty of war. Abu Dar’da had much concern for his friend because they were very close in friendship before Abdullah embraced Islam.

 From darkness to light

The story of how Abu Dar’da embraced Islam clearly demonstrated his natural humbleness that assisted him with realization and appreciation of the truth.

On day, Abdullah ibn Rawahah thought of doing something which prophet Ibrahim (alayhi salaam) did; he went to the house of Abu Dar’da to destroy his idol; Abu Dar’da was not at home but he met his wife; Abdullah went straight to the idol and broke it to pieces. Abu Dar’da returned to meet his wife in front of the house weeping over what had struck them. He enquired what happened and she informed him that his friend Abdullah ibn Rawahah had come to destroy the idol.

Abu Dar’da realized how powerless and useless his god could have been that allowed an ordinary man to have destroyed it easily; he turned to his conscience and realized the need to find a better alternative for his worship. He finally chose to embrace Islam and joined the community of Muslims; and became one of the companions of the prophet.

Notable qualities

He was notable for his asceticism, devoutness and preoccupation with the worship of Allah. However, he maintained a balance between seeking worldly sustenance and preparation for the afterlife. The statement of the prophet was clear:

ليس بخيركم من ترك دنياه لآخرته، ولا من ترك آخرته لدنياه، إلا أن يأخذ منهما معاً, فإن الأولى مطية للثانية .

The best of you is neither the one who forsakes his sustenance of this world for the afterlife nor the one who neglect his afterlife and preoccupy with amassing of worldly materials except that you should maintain a balance between both.

Ummu Dar’da – أم الدرداء

Fact box

Name: Ujaymat bint Uyay OR Juhaymot

هُجَيْمَةُ بِنْتُ حُيَيٍّ الوَصَّابِيَّةُ  OR جُهَيْمَةُ، الأَوْصَابِيَّةُ

City of origin: Damascus in Syria


Famous name: Ummu Dar’da

أم الدرداء

 Who is Ummu Dar’da

She was the wife of Abu Dar’da and the mother of Dar’da. She was known for her knowledge, swift understanding, devotion to the remembrance of Allah and following His commandments.

An admonition to a sustainable relationship

Abu Dar’da told her one day, “If I’m angry with you, then you should be pleased with me; if you are angry me I will be pleased with you”

A knowledgeable worshipper

Her tender heart allowed the people to often gather at her home so that she may teach them what she knew from the religion. One day, the people were with her and they noticed her long silence, they assumed that she was worried with their long stay with her, they enquired but she replied saying: I cannot be disturbed due to the persistence of those who seek to learn what I love to teach; my notable silence is for reflection and reflection is a form of remembrance of Allah.

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