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At the dawn of the 15th century of the Islamic calendar, Muslims in Nigeria sojourn the earth deprived of security, land, personality, food and shelter, life and other things guaranteed them by Allah to lead an exemplary life of leaders and best of mankind. This condition was brought about by the thoroughly bastardised, alien environment they were made to live in and eventual corruption of the soul that ought to be pure in faith.

Muslims are well read (Islamic and secular). They are wealthy, they are well connected, they are in all profession (skilled and artisan). Yet, with this galaxy of stars whose intimidating presence at any place would have dwarfed any opposition in an inclement environment, the Muslims ravage the land empty of heart, forlorn of hope.

What Went Wrong? They lack the spirit of Islam that gives life to dead faith! “Verily, never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change what is in their heart” Qur’an 13:11. To assist Muslims return to the position of honour and leadership, The Muslim Congress (TMC) emerged. TMC intends to nurture in Muslims the spirit of Islam and at the same time provide a conducive environment to allow the spirit to grow, develop, mature and bear fruits. It is in line with this that the aims and objectives were


The name of the organisation shall be “THE MUSLIM CONGRESS (TMC)”. Herein after referred to as `The Congress’.


The Motto of The Congress Shall be “Intansurullah Yansurkum.” “If you aid the cause of Allah, He will aid you”


The basis of The Congress shall be AL-QURA’N AND SUNNAH.


To be the foremost organisation guiding, influencing and setting agenda for societal reformation in line with Qur’an and Sunnah.


By providing Islamic forum for education, reformation and collaboration, we set agenda for repositioning of the Ummah.

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