The Muslim Congress has long thought of the need to have in place a plan of action to help people who are faced with disasters or difficult situations. This could be flood, fire, explosions, accident, war and the likes. This thought gave birth to Concern Foundation International, a body devoted to providing relief to people encountering various forms of disaster and difficulty. CFI makes use of an open tent where affected individuals can report for all their needs ranging from medicaments to feeding and comfort. The first outing of CFI was actually during the bomb blast in Lagos which displaced a lot of people. The Congress was at hand to donate to the affected individuals and comfort them. The Congress thereafter commenced the process of constructing a canopy that would serve as refuge for the affected people as well as secretariat for the officials of CFI. It is also involved in prison welfare activities which are currently expanding fast.
Human Right occupies the centre stage of discourse among men today. Along this line came other social problems like HIV / AIDS. The world is plagued by a plethora of other problems on which the opinion of Islam is hardly sought, yet only Islam has solutions to these problems. To address these problems, bringing out the issues involved, the causes and solutions, CPI was conceived and established. It has since succeeded in enlightening a large number of Muslims cutting across various organisations. It’s most recent activity was a Singles Seminar organised to teach morality and chastity. CPI is becoming well recognised because of its regular response to current issues.
In realization of the importance of Hajj, the last pillar of faith in Islam, The Muslim Congress set out to ease the performance of Hajj and Umrah for Muslims and to remove current encumbrances that face Muslims who are on Hajj or Umrah. Along this line, Hajj Mabrur Ventures was commenced. The venture has as its sole objective as ‘Hajj / Umrah Made Easy.’ In carrying out its responsibility, seasoned scholars were called together with a view to provide a comprehensive guidance for pilgrims during Hajj and Umrah. Since Hajj Mabrur commenced operations, it has received the good will of many Muslims, especially those who have tasted its services or had the opportunity of listening to the beneficiaries of our services. Both at home and Saudi Arabia, HMV is respected for disciplined officials, observation of all Hajj rites according to the Sunnah and care and concern for the welfare of pilgrims under the company.

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