The Agenda is pursued through a number of programmes. Among them are those meant for TMC members only, and others meant for the generality of Muslims and interested non-Muslim public. The programme could be divided into three according to what it intends to achieve. There are programmes that address reformation of individual’s souls, address the physical well being of the body that will shelter the soul while others deal with reformation of the society that will provide a conducive environment for both the soul and body to thrive.

This is to reinforce the saying “Supplication is the word of a Muslim.�? This is a programme of remembrance and supplication to Allah. “When my servants ask thee concerning me, I am indeed close (to them): I respond to the prayer of every supplicant when he call, and believe in me: that they may walk in the right way’ Q2:186. At Adhkar, people are taught the art of supplication including the types of supplication circumstances, in line with the Qur‘an and Sunnah. To say least is to say that the programme is a huge success with the large crowd that monthly graces it and the wide acceptability and popularity it enjoys among the Muslims.
Like the name suggests, it is designed and executed to prepare the ground for the reforming of the soul. The philosophy of the programme comes from the popular axiom that the root of a corrupt soul lies at the door of perverted thoughts and knowledge. Every week from more than 300 centres Muslims (member and non member alike) are given the opportunity to listen to lectures on topic like Tafsirul-Qur’an, Fiqh, Islamic civilization, Islamic History, Hadiths, current affairs etc. All from the perspective of Qur’an and Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW). At present, we have Teskiyyah centres spread across six states in Nigeria: Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Kwara, and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.
Islamic Training Programme (ITP) is a camping programme designed to harness Muslims spiritual, social, economic and physical resources for the collective good. It provides Muslims the opportunity to experience true Islamic communal living under the banner of Qur’an and Sunnah. It is held annually at three different levels: national, state and local government. The ITP is attended by members and non-members of TMC.
At the beginning of each Hijrah year, TMC organises enlightenment cum get-together programme called Muharram Get-Together. The Muharram Get-Together has its own uniqueness. Whereas it comes up early in the New Year, it is not the New Year celebration. Rather it is a forum where Muslims, irrespective of their society leaning, come to felicitate and build the bond of brotherhood. It is also an opportunity for various organisations to meet, discuss and engineer developmental ideas for the Ummah.
Literally translate to mean going fort for the sake of Allah. Releasing the Utter neglect of the rural areas and the outskirts and knowing the potential danger and threat such neglect poses to the generality of Muslim and in particular Muslim in these areas. The Congress has adequately provided for a programme to cater for the rural areas to ensure their nourishment with the beauties of Islam as if to say “if the whole world has neglected you… Islam want you.�? The programme involves selecting a rural area and painstakingly planning enlightenment programme for such area usually over the weekends. This programme is supposed to be built on the various efforts already in place through the Teskiyyah.
In realisation of the importance of sound and good health to the Muslims, TMC embarked on this medical project first tagged Mobile Clinic. Using Muslim medical volunteers, we give free medical consultation to Muslims at the venue of our Adhkar, a monthly programme in all states where The Congress operates. This is after realising that some of the problems confronting those we want to teach the ways of Allah can be solved medically. This became necessary as we interact with people and we realise that many of them are far from modern medical services. Simple ailments are allowed to become complex and thereby endanger the lives of people and their readiness to be upright. Today, the name has changed to Medical Caravan as it now moves into the rural areas where it spends the weekend attending to the needs of the people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Our services are aided by the contributions of our members and occasional assistance from some concerned Muslims.
The saying “supplication is the sword of a Muslim�? has been lost among many Muslims to indifference and shallow belief in the efficacy of supplication as a solution to their problems. Many have converted into other forms of worship in search of solution to their problems. Others have taken solace in talisman, magic or mystic power of some religious leaders as solution to their problems. The Muslim Congress therefore organises a monthly forum at state and local government levels called Adhkar. The monthly Adhkar is an avenue to have a way out for the embattled ones, a source of concern to their troubled souls; a freedom from the shackles and bondage of evil forces both seen and unseen.
At Adhkar, Muslims are taught the art of supplication including the types of supplication to make during different circumstances, in line with the Qur’an and Sunnah. Lectures are also delivered on similar subjects. At the end of the Adhkar, scholars sit to listen to the problems of individuals and give them appropriate counselling drawing from the Qur’an and Sunnah. This guidance and counselling forum has benefited a lot and many hearts have been made radiant with joy and relief after periods of anxiety.
To help Muslims overcome the problem of exhorbitant price of rams during Eidul Adha, The Congress in Lagos State embarked on the Ram Business Project. Annually, the Ram Committee travels to the North where the rams are sourced. They buy the rams in large quantity and sell to the Muslims at affordable prices. The capital for the business is sourced from members who contribute in the form of shares. At the end of the business, the share holders meeting is called, profit or loss is declared and shared accordingly. The Ram Business has now spread to Oyo and Ogun states.
The Muslim Congress has long thought of the need to have in place a plan of action to help people who are faced with disasters or difficult situations. This could be flood, fire, explosions, accident, war and the likes. This thought gave birth to Concern Foundation International, a body devoted to providing relief to people encountering various forms of disaster and difficulty. CFI makes use of an open tent where affected individuals can report for all their needs ranging from medicaments to feeding and comfort. The first outing of CFI was actually during the bomb blast in Lagos which displaced a lot of people. The Congress was at hand to donate to the affected individuals and comfort them. The Congress thereafter commenced the process of constructing a canopy that would serve as refuge for the affected people as well as secretariat for the officials of CFI. It is also involved in prison welfare activities which are currently expanding fast.
In Ramadhan, The Muslim Congress organises the feeding of fasting Muslims at selected centres and prisons. Every year we feed a large number of people, estimated at not less than 20,000 Muslims from all over the country. The feeding of fasting Muslims is a meritorious act which carries great reward before Allah. Muslim individuals have been contributing to ensure the success of this programme annually. Occasionally, corporate bodies have also been of assistance.
Human Right occupies the centre stage of discourse among men today. Along this line came other social problems like HIV / AIDS. The world is plagued by a plethora of other problems on which the opinion of Islam is hardly sought, yet only Islam has solutions to these problems. To address these problems, bringing out the issues involved, the causes and solutions, CPI was conceived and established. It has since succeeded in enlightening a large number of Muslims cutting across various organisations. It’s most recent activity was a Singles Seminar organised to teach morality and chastity. CPI is becoming well recognised because of its regular response to current issues.
Part of the welfare concern of The Congress is in the area of bringing relief to road users especially in the major cities. Incessant traffic congestion has become a common sight in Nigeria in general but in Lagos metropolis, the situation is worse. The Muslim Congress, using the Congress Guard – our security outfit – organised traffic control teams who assist the traffic wardens in ensuring smooth traffic flow. To concretise the effort, the Guards Headquarters recently organised a seminar for the Guards on traffic control. Members of Congress Guard who attended the training were lectured by seasoned traffic and transportation officers. Members of The Congress are now common sights in the metropolis where they help to ease traffic flow.
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