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All praise and adorations belong to Allah the Lord of incomparable majesty. May His peace and blessings continue to be upon the noblest of all mankind, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), his household companions and all Muslims till the day of judgement.

Distinguished Readers,

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
(Assalam Alykum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh),

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the official webpage of The Muslim Congress, Lagos State. In Lagos, we work to accomplish the goals of Islam through the vision, mission and objectives of The Congress.

In pursuing the propagation of Islam and ensuring that human race submit to the will of Allah, we persuade people through our 25 functional Local Government Areas/ Local Council Development Areas and 118 branches which spread across the length and breadth of the Lagos State.

At least once in a week across our branches, we do soul purification programme called Tazkiyatun-Nafs, where we take on topical Islamic issues, the same way we hold public lecture at least once in a month across our 25 LGs/LCDAs. Also, we assemble at the State Central Mosque in Ijesha once in a month for special prayer tagged adhkaar. At our adhkaar, consultations and guidance on spiritual/ health issues are privately attended to for those who are in need. This helps to cater for the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the ummah. The state equally do public lecture once in four months where contemporary issues are addressed in the light of Islamic understanding. Other programmes are contained in the list of programmes and activities of The Congress.

In pursuants of our goals as an administration, we have decided to reinforce our efforts along the following cardinal principles called five point agenda with the acronym DEWEP.
The principles are:

  1. Dawah
  2. Empowerment
  3. Welfarism
  4. Education
  5. Project

All dawah programmes of the State are being strengthened including our Weekly Ona Ola radio programme every Friday at 10:10pm on Radio Lagos 107.5fm.

Our online Arabic/Qur’anic School named FUSHAA Arabic Academy is attracting more students across the globe even as we hope to commence physical Arabic School in the last half of year 2023.

We are lying the foundation of our mosque at Alapoti even as we are striving to acquiring some properties for mosque and standard ICT/Skills Acquisition (Youth Development Centre) in Lagos State. The centre will be youth centric as a way of empowering our growing unemployed youth.

The highlighted areas of focus are open to collaboration just as genuine sponsors/ philanthropists are encouraged to join us as we contribute to the development of our dear nation through the lens of The Muslim Congress.

Thank you.

Tajudeen Y. Olusesi, M.SC, MCIB, FAAE, FIIFP,
The Muslim Congress, Lagos State.


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