TMC Ondo_Certificate of Recognition

The Muslim Congress (TMC) Ondo State has been recognized by the Akure Muslim Community for her significant contribution to the progress of Da’wah Activities in the community, the heart-felt gratitude was demonstrated by the community with the issuing of a certificate of Recognition.

The Muslim Congress presently operates in 9 Nigerian states (Lagos, Oyo, Ogun, Osun, Kwara, Ondo, Edo, Niger and Abuja), the Republic Du Benin and Finland. TMC is a large congress of Muslims from different backgrounds, it is an open community of male artisans and professionals who are willing to apply the solutions of pristine Islamic Shariah in their practical day-to-day life and spread the message to others.

You can visit our website ( and register your interest to become one of our active member willing to share some of our practical dawah responsibilities, help organize dawah programmes and events and benefit the ummah of Muhammah (SAW) with your God-given potentials and skills. Allah is the Owner of Success.

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