8th August, 2023.



Lagos state chapter of The Muslim Congress writes to express our profound displeasure to the Commissionership nominees forwarded to the Lagos State House of Assembly by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State and earnestly calls for a revision of the list because Muslims are not adequately represented. We expected at least a 50% representation on the list and for other political appointments by the Governor.

It will be recalled that Mr Governor forwarded a 39-man list of would-be Commissioners to the State House of Assembly but regrettably and shockingly, investigation shows that only 9 nominees on the list were Muslims.

Muslims feel grossly marginalized by the list and it does an incalculable damage to our emotions because it heavily disregards Muslims as citizens of inconsequential value in the state.

Unarguably, Muslims constitute a majority in Lagos state and the indigenous people of the state are predominantly Muslims.

Apart from that, Muslims gave their unwavering support and massive votes for Mr Governor in the last governorship election, following APC’s dismal and humiliating outing at the presidential election. After the presidential election, highly revered Muslim leaders in the state directed all Muslims to vote for APC, contrary to Muslims preference for other alternative candidates; the Muslim leaders assured us that APC as a party had promised to be just to all should it win the election in the state.

We trusted our leaders and bowed to their appeal, hoping for fairness in the administration.

Alas, the Commissionership list is a far cry from justice. Indeed, it is shameful and contemptuous.

It beats our imagination how Mr Governor expects Muslims to feel with the list. In fact, we suspect a sinister motive behind this move.

There are many government activities that are not open to the public glare, which have immeasurable consequence on people.

If the Commissionership list can be as brazen and insensitive as it is, how much more other decisions that are not directly open to the public?

If truly democracy is about common interests, justice, equity and fairness, we call for these principles in appointments and all the dealings of the state government. This will go a long way in instilling confidence and total support for the present administration.

Interestingly, beneficiaries of the present lopsided list are conveniently calling for a separation of religion from governance. But how do we classify the events leading to the 2023 elections, whereby APC stalwarts approached Muslim platforms to canvass for our support for electoral purpose? What about the letter of Christian Elders that pleaded with APC to allow Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, a Christian, take a second term in office?

The thought of separation of religion from governance at this time, when appointments are skewed in one direction, and unfavourable to the other, is wicked and laughable. It is not acceptable, and must be rejected by people of honour.

By appointing at least 50% competent Muslims of your choice, Mr Governor would have successfully helped his administration by enlisting confidence of Muslim faithfuls in his administration.

Having an inclusive government will enhance sound government policy formulation; will prevent mutual suspicion among adherents different faiths, and give rise to much desired happiness and progress in the state. .

Finally, it should be on record that how Muslims are treated today will determine our electoral options tomorrow.

May Allah guide us aright.

Waali, The Muslim Congress, Lagos State.

The Muslim Congress Lagos State

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