Question #10: 

Please can you guide us on Islam teaching of Child delivery and what the husband need to know and do when the wife is pregnant till time of child delivery


Salaam alaykum bro Na’eem.
Firstly, you need to make the right choice of wife. Then you pray during cohabitation (Allahuma jannibna shaytaan wajannibis shaytaan maa razaqtana) . Then pray at all time. Ensure all antenatal care, such as immunization, balanced diet and enough rest. During labour you pray “Yaa khaliqa nafsin min nafsin wa yaa mukhaeija nafsin min nafsin wa ya mukhalisa nafsin min nafsin khallisha”. U may as well recite suratul yaasin for ease deliverance.

Imam Sherifdeen Ibraheem
Na’ibul Amir, Cultural Affair (NACA)
TMC National Headquarters

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