Shaykh Isma’il Busayri
The Hijab took centre stage in an exhilarating two-hour awe-inspiring experience at the popular Ajelogo Playing ground, Kosofe, Sunday 25th February, as respected scholar, Shaykh Isma’il Busayry, Chief Imam Al-Bara’ Central Mosque, Ibadan, illuminated the packed audience on the sanctity of the hijab.
The occasion was the 15th edition of The Muslim Congress (tmc) Lagos State where the guest Speaker delivered a well-researched topic; Hijab between yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Shaykh Busayry, in his submission, averred that there is more to the hijab than a mere religious symbol. While highlighting the values and honour associated with the hijab, he described the hijab as an adornment that liberates the women from the vain desires to show off their beauty for competitions and as play tools in the hands of men for satisfaction of sexual gratification.
While he avowed that the Hijab is a veritable panacea that could end the social obscenity bedeviling the society at large, the revered cleric questioned the moral foundation and the attendant pressures of the new-found civilization which, he asserted, has reduced womankind to a pack of savage animals roaming, shamelessly, about unclothed.
In attendance were people from all walks of life among whom were Engr Abdul Hafeez Ajibade, Pharm Dr Ibrahim Oreagba (College of Medicine, Unilag), Alhaji Taiwo Mikail Tijani among others. The State Public Lecture is a quarterly event organised by The Muslim Congress, Lagos State, to address a plethora of topical, religious and societal-related matters.

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