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1. Adhkar
A prayer session held every first Sunday of Gregorian month. Time is 10am – 12pm. Venue is  Afemai Mosque, Lagos Street Benin City, Edo State

2. Tazkiyyah (a weekly programme)
Tazkiyyah is a weekly programme holding across our accredited branches. As a learning circle its objective is to evolve a corruption-free society through spiritual purification of individual soul just as the name of the programme implies.

3. Islamic Training Programme (ITP)

4. Monthly Professional Forum

5. Khuruj Fisabilillah

6. Medical Caravan

7. Guidance and Counselling

8. Iftar Saim

9. Physical Exercise

10. Traffic Control

11. Mosque Dawah

12. Annual State Lecture

13. Prison Visitation

14. Monthly Public Lecture

15. Feed the Needy

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