All praise is due to Allah and we pray for His blessings on to the prophet Muhammad, his household, his companions and those who follow him till the day of reckoning. Amin.

Allah ‘Aza wajala tells us about the people of Khudud in Suratul Buruj, that they were not tortured nor bunt for no other reason other than their believe in Allah. Allah says “Verily, those who put into trial the believing men and believing women (by torturing them and burning them), and then do not turn in repentance (to Allâh), then they will have the torment of Hell, and they will have the punishment of the burning Fire.” Q85 V 10.

Trial is one thing that a Muslim should always expect from Allah, it makes us rate our faith in Allah. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) also passed through trials. A Muslim would not be a complete Muslim until he bears with patience and faith when he is undergoing Allah’s trial, as it is a “MUST come” to test our conviction.

Some years ago, after the Egypt revolution, I traveled to Egypt and I requested to reach the office of a party called “Freedom and Justice Party”, when I got in there, I requested for the agenda of the party. They gave me a book that they had published on what they wish to accomplish, they explained further that they wanted to also practise the Islam that prophet Muhammad brought to the world, following that is the reformation of the political system that has been dilapidated, they added that they have plan to breath out good moral into the people of Egypt. Education, farming, Economy, Agriculture were well integrated in the agenda. They clarified that they have set this agenda for Egypt within the 4-years of their administration and that they are ready to work with other countries of the world. Then I told them, that based on the evil in the world today, it may be difficult to accomplish all these beautiful plans for humanity. I also remember my comment so well, when Dr. Morsi won the Egypt Presidential election, I ,mentioned clearly that if the WEST had their way about it, they would have barred his victory, then, I concluded that I fear they may frustrate his administration so as not to allow him stay up to the four years he has been voted for.

In continuation, they also noted that the bad economy in Egypt can be revived by working with the countries that have succeeded over time in their economy; they noted that they have been able to travel to at least ten top countries in the world, including China etc.

But unfortunately, the party met lots of debts, debts that have accumulated from the past leaders. This time, there was a need for them to get fund from IMF. I would pause here to make a quick comment about what one of the American analysts said when Dr Morsi was overthrown, he said the very first sin that Dr. Morsi, committed againt the WEST is that he refused to get a fund with interest from the IMF, and that ,the WEST is seriously mad at that.

Joining that to my discussion, Dr. Morsi could not borrow the fund from IMF, as he argued brilliantly that interest is against his Islamic ideology. When the financial crisis was hitting deep into the economy and it was becoming unbearable, some scholars opined that Dr. Morsi can get the fund from the IMF, but, in a different way other countries get theirs. This was the situation, and when they met to talk about service charge and it was becoming tantamount to interest, they had to begin the discussion from beginning, and disagreed many times. This was demanding for him and his party.

Unfortunately, some groups loyal to the ex-president with the support of the WEST came up to protest against his administration, and more unfortunately, some Muslims also supported this movement against his administration, and the reason of some Muslims tackling his administration is the fear of the extinction of Monarchy that is being practised in some Muslim countries. Saudi Arabia is in support of the act of the military to overthrow him, the comment of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is an evident proof. Only Turkey, Tunisia and Sudan are the only Muslim countries that have been moderate with their comments, all other Muslim countries are in support.

Interestingly, every of the achievement of Freedom and Justice Party is well documented which are not mentioned on the media. When the world ask “why” of the action of the military and their allies and what is the main sin Dr. Morsi has committed, the only answer they have got was that , majority of the people in his administration are from his party.

The answer to this question is glaring and simple, In America, the party of Obama has the larger seats in his cabinet, that is the trend in all part of the world, even in Nigeria, which party are more in the cabinet of the president that his party?

It is good to know that Dr. Morsi’s relationship to other parties is splendid, he called everyone to participate, atleast 75% of his cabinet are from other party, he even integrated non-Muslim into his administration so that they could all move Egypt forward, all of the people were given their percentages, in Dr. Morsi’s administration, there are at least 30 parties in his support. But the target of the enemies of his administration is; his party , Freedom and Justice and Party, and there have been deliberate attacks of burning and killing of Muslim brotherhood, surprisingly, the Muslim brotherhood has been calm and establish their stance peacefully.

The battle against Dr. Morsi is a long time battle, I can remember when he made some laws that caused uproar, some people wanted to turn down his administration claiming it was unilateral, Dr. Morsi called for the consent of the people through referendum, and the people themselves voted that the laws should stay, and it stayed.

It is a greatest surprise to me that this could be happening to a democratically elected president, the action of the military is a disgrace to the democracy that the WEST advocates. The Muslim brotherhood has said that it would continue to demonstrate until justice comes to pass. I hereby advise Muslims to know that what is happening is a test for everyone, we should also remember that we would one day make account of everything we exude regarding this issue in the hereafter, we should be careful of the comments we make and confirm every information before we spread them because the media is full of propaganda.

Despite all these, we all need prayers for the people of Egypt, so that it won’t lead to war, because if the loyalists of Dr Morsi are killed, Muslims have been killed, if the loyalists of the military are killed, Muslims have also been killed too. Sadly, the problem hovering the Muslim worlds is much and sad already, the problem of Afghanistan is there, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Mali, even in Nigeria, there are problems, and some other Muslim nations. We pray to Allah to forgive us all, we pray to him to bless us and increase us in sincerity, we also pray to Allah, to make us witness this year’s Ramadan and then accept every of our worship in it as an act of Ibaadah. Amin.

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