Medical Caravan


In realisation of the importance of sound and good health to the Muslims, TMC embarked on this medical project first tagged Mobile Clinic. Using Muslim medical volunteers, we give free medical consultation to Muslims at the venue of our Adhkar, a monthly programme in all states where The Congress operates. This is after realising that some of the problems confronting those we want to teach the ways of Allah can be solved medically. This became necessary as we interact with people and we realise that many of them are far from modern medical services. Simple ailments are allowed to become complex and thereby endanger the lives of people and their readiness to be upright. Today, the name has changed to Medical Caravan as it now moves into the rural areas where it spends the weekend attending to the needs of the people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Our services are aided by the contributions of our members and occasional assistance from some concerned Muslims.

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