Seerah: Alli & Fatimah

Seerah: Alli & Fatimah

 Alli (radiyallahu anhu)

 Facts and figures

Alli ibn Abi Taalib ibn Abdul mutalib
Father Abi Taalib ibn Abdul mutalib
Mother Fatima bint Asad
Birthplace At the gate of the Ka’abah
Period of caliphacy 656–661
Nicknames Abu Turoob
Died 21st Ramadan 40 AH

(Jan. 27, 661 CE)

His names and nicknames


Name:  Ali ibn Abi Taalib ibn Abdul mutalib.


  • Abu turoob (father of sand): This nickname was given to him by the prophet. One day, Ali had a disagreement with his wife Fatima, so he left the home and went to lie down on his back on the floor of the mosque near a pillar. The prophet approached him and said “sit down! Abu turoob”. Being a pronouncement by the prophet, it became the most beloved nickname for him.
  • Father of the prophet grandsons

His birth and upbringing

  • Born at the gate of kaabah 10 yrs before the prophet was commissioned as a prophet by Allah.
  • He never prostrated to any idol.
  • His father Abi Talib was very honourable among the Quraysh.
  • His father was very generous
  • The Quraysh will give gifts to his father as part of their honour for him.
  • His father had determination
  • Ali ibn Abi Talib inherited all these noted characteristics.
  • The prophet consulted his uncle Abbas on how they both could assist Abi Talib on his large family. The prophet took care of Ali and Abbas took care of Ja’far.

 Notable qualities

  • First to accept Islam among the youths: since he lived in the house of the prophet, he was opportune to be among the first to appreciate and accept the message.
  • First to pray together with the prophet: also, as a male among the household of the prophet, he was the first person to observe solat together with the prophet.
  • The chosen pair companion of the prophet: When the prophet arrived Madinah, he established brotherhood by paring his companions, one muhaajir to one ansar, as part of administrative and religious establishment.
  • A trustee of the prophet: When the prophet embarked on the hijrah, he delegated him to sleep on his bed and wait behind in order to return the items kept in trust with the prophet to their original owners. When he was asked why he accepted to deliver this task for the prophet, he replied “when the prophet said I should deliver the task and return to him in Madinah, I knew for sure that I will not be consumed by the dangers in it”. This is a clear demonstration of his faith in the sacredness of the prophet’s speech.
  • One among the 10 promised paradise: The prophet (SAW) mentioned 10 of his companions by name and conveyed the pleasure of Allah to them on the assurance of their paradise with Allah. Ali ibn AbiTalib was one of them.

Reference: tobaqoot ibnsaad, vol. 3 pg. 19

 His mother

  • The name of his mother is Fatima ibn Assad
  • She accepted Islam and migrated (on the hijrah).
  • The prophet led the funeral proceedings after her death.

 Notable characteristics

  • He lived an ascetic life: The simplicity in his lifestyle astonishes.
  • He was a brave and courageous: He participated in all battles except Tabook because the prophet charged him to look after Madinah.
  • A knowledgeable companion: He once said “No ayah was revealed in the Qur’an except that I knew when and on what it was revealed”

 Fatimah bintu Rosulullah

  • The leader of women in this life and in paradise.
  • Daughter of the Prophet (SAW), grew up in the house of revelation and knowledge under the care of her father who later became the Prophet of Allah.
  • She was the most beloved to the Prophet.
  • The Prophet will stand up to embrace and kiss her. The Prophet once said “whoever harms her has caused me harm”.
  • The Prophet once called Ali and Fatimah and said: You are both of my family
  • The prophet married her to Ali at the age of 15
  • She and her husband once concluded to make a request for a housemaid from the prophet. The prophet substituted the request with some tasbeehaat.
  • The prophet confided in her when he was dying: (1) Jubril has informed me that I will not recover from my illness (2) you will be the first among my family to join me.

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