By Raheem Hameed Oludamilare
External Affairs Officer, TMC Oyo East LG


ustaz busayri at lecture
Imam Ismail Adekunle Busayri

Nigeria, the then giant of Africa can be best today qualified as the dwarf of Africa. The decay stardoms of Nigeria have become her prides, and the bastards in Nigeria

have attained the ruling class.

Alhaji Ismail Busayri, Chief Imam Al-Barrau Central Mosque,

Alegongo, Ibadan

Financial crises, insecurity, poor societal maintenance, educational decadence among others are the major chapters in the history of Nigeria. Thinking deep on this, shows that Nigeria really need a sincere rebirth.

On this, a renowned Islamic Organization in Nigeria, The Muslim Congress (TMC) devoted this year Ramadan to campaign the need of a National rebirth to the government and masses of Nigeria. The organization launched the campaign formally on June 26 of this year at her Islamic Centre, Ologuneru Ibadan, Oyo State has Alhaji Ismail Busayri, Chief Imam of Al-Barrau Central Mosque, Alegongo, Ibadan and one of the National clerics of TMC delivered a directive lecture on the topic; RAMDAN AND NATIONAL REBIRTH

Among the outstanding points that Ismail Busayri made was that for a nation to be rebirth, education should be given an hundred percent attention. This is one of the important goals stated in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by the year 2000 intended to be achieved by 2015. The idea of Universal Basic Education (UBE) intended to provide Free, and easy accessible education for all Nigerian youths. It is pathetic that Nigeria only achieved 69% while country like Palestine achieved 97% free and accessible education. 31% of Nigerian cannot read and write as 15 million of Nigerian children are out of school and the numbers of those who cannot read and write in Nigeria are up to 65 million.

Despite the fact that Nigeria failed in offering free and accessible basic education for her citizens, yet Oyo State known as pace setter still intend to sell her schools to private body. It is certain that if the idea of Public-Private Partnership is granted, the illiteracy population among Nigerian youths will absolutely increase and this will give room for more Boko Haram to rise in the country.

Religious intolerance should be applauded. On this the cleric advised Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) of Osun state Chapter to behave maturely on the issue of the Hijab which has become an unnecessary alarm in the state. He advised CAN to borrow leaf from Muslim Students Society of Nigeria, Lagos State Unit who adopted a legal way of requesting for Muslim’s constitutional rights on the wearing of Hijab. Addressing issues in a hooligan way will only present Nigeria to international community as a nation full of tugs.

Towards rebirthing Nigeria, human and natural capital should be given preference to. It is shameful to Nigeria who has close to 180 million populations to be generating just 4000 megahertz when South Africa with just 35 million populations is generating 40,000 megahertz.

In addendum, cross-culture of idea should be adopted between Nigerian technocrats and international technocrats; this will aid the human capital development of Nigeria and save Nigeria from looking up to the international firms often.

Nigerian governments should be responsive governments. Listening to the plight of the masses is a crucial value that shows true governance. Impunity and immunity are great negative dockets in democracy; this should be eradicated so that government across all levels will be accounted for during and after their regime. Looking into Governor Ayo Fayose impunity attitudes in Ekiti state, he enjoined this out of immunity privilege he claims, even though, recent governments have given immunity a self-deceit translation.

Also, supremacy of the law should be given a better chance. No one should be above the law. Those who are at the helms of affairs and the masses should be treated with the same constitution without a single bias. The case of Bukola Saraki at CCT should have by now been finalized. I imagine if number three citizen of Nigeria is being tried for almost a year for not being faithful to Nigeria and Nigerians, assuming that he becomes the president either by coincident or antecedent, that shows that Nigeria as a country will not be remembered among the faithful nation again, showing that our great national anthem and national pledge will only become songs in the book of hymn.

Imagine Nigerian senators requesting for life pensions at a period where most state civil servants are out of over six month salaries. Also, the Federal government is lamenting that 56000 naira minimum wage salary is not feasible when each senator are riding in a single car cost 36 million naira. This single car of 36 million naira can pay a minimum wage salary of a single civil servant for good 166 years, 6 month.

It is important to ask that why President Buhari can’t announce the names of those who stole Nigeria money? Nothing than the fact that most of those at the helms of affairs are also guilty of the theft. Thanks be to Dubai for assisting Nigeria to trace back 22 billion dollars (equivalent to almost 66 trillion naira) from the stolen money of Nigeria before the advent of President Buhari. Other nations should on time remit Nigerian stolen fund with them and President Buhari is urged to use those money for the development of Nigeria.

War against insecurity should be a mutual war. No doubt, the efforts of Buhari is suppressing the incessant of Boko Haram. Niger Delta Avengers are nothing than the new shape of Boko Haram. Militancy is militancy, the name is not important.

The idea of local commodities patronage will also assist in rebirthing the economic situation of Nigeria. This will create more employment for Nigerians.

Finally, in order to rebirth Nigeria, professionalism should be supported. For this professionalism to materialize, it should go along with God consciousness. This is because professionals who are not God conscious are professional criminals.


By Raheem Hameed Oludamilare


 twitter: @raheemho

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